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53 Shade Of Gray Luxury Homes

May be you never want to go for all gray, choose the one wall and get it done in mid tone of gray while keeping the rest of walls in their original color which is mostly red can give you surprising results. Next is using the darker gray tone for the wall next to bricks and the detailing like columns, railings, facades as two tone darker then the wall to make it look awe-inspiring for others, The exteriors would look so beautiful that depicts your designing sense and taste of living.
Creating Contrast

Stucco, is one of the classic designs used by architects. It is mostly used to make mundane buildings look more stylish and appealing. If your house or any building has stucco then use warm gray with touch of pink that will enhance the entire look and will not make it look dreary. If there is weatherboarding then go ahead with splash of white on it and create a nice sight for others as they a beautiful house with colorful plantations on its entrance.
Gray With Brickwork

How to ace the gray with use of two shades of gray is a big problem, you can try your imagination and direct it towards using a lighter hue of gray on the entire building, this hue could be more in silver or ashen hues which is on the lighter end of gray scale. Rest paint the detailing like window frames, facades and other architectural designs with dark gray to create a classic look of home . This darker shade of gray would be towards the other end of the gray scale like slate gray or charcoal. If you can compromise on the double tone look then can think of adding a hint of white as well.

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