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December 2012

Dear Barry,

I had the good fortune of working with Donna & Lenny. One could not ask for a more professional team. In addition to the usual issues of selling, I had the added burden of caring for my ill husband and preparing a move cross country to California. Donna & Lenny went above the call of duty many times. They quickly found a buyer for my home and with their hard work kept things moving. It wasn’t easy but we got to closing in 60 days WOW!

I’m forever grateful for all their care and guidance. They did a great job of holding my hand.

Thank you.


Marilyn Assael


November 2012

May I strongly recommend the efforts of  Lenny Bobrow as it related to the sale of my home. In these difficult times he relentlessly persevered in finding a buyer at an appropriate price. Donna and Lenny then effectively shepherded the deal to closing with limited involvement on my part. My support for their representation is without reservation.

Warren Harrison, Retired


August 2012

I want to thank you so much for telling me to grieve my property taxes on my own. I received the ARC notice and walked into their office. I was majorly unfairly taxed!


October 2011

Dear Donna,

I just want to thank  you for being so patient and supportive until we finally closed.  Wishing you good health, happiness and success for the new year.

Sincerely, Sylvia

June 2011
Another Happy Seller in Woodmere, LI NY – 29 Days on the Market

(January 2010)


Happy Seller of a Woodmere Co-op

(November 2010)

Adam and Michal Mayer

Inwood, LI, NY

Dear Lenny and Donna,

I just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for all your help in getting us

to closing.  I understand that this was not an easy transaction that

required your constand vigilance and time to keep things moving.

I am very pleased that I had a team like you on board, and it was most

reassuring to know that I could rely on you both for continued access,

support, and keeping a dialogue with the sellers.

Michal and I thank you both from the depths of our heart for all your hard

work in getting us to this point.

Best Regards and please keep in touch,

Adam Mayer

(January 2010)

Hi There!

Our experience with you guys has been professional and pleasant.  Both you and Donna have been exceptional and patient. Too bad the same cannot be said about the seller’s agent.  No class and unbecoming.

Thanks so much for your hard work on our behalf.  We have told several of our friends about you guys.  With the extension of the First-Time Homeowner Tax Credit, I am sure that there will be more  folks out there looking. I hope that this brings you the business you deserve!

Ron and Celias

(November 2009)

Dear Barry,

You have probably heard from Lenny or Donna that we have a signed contract for my mother’s apartment at 250 Central Avenue.  Though there are still a few hurdles to get over, I believe (with fingers crossed) that this sale will go through.

So this seemed an appropriate time to write in praise of the team that made this sale possible.  Both Lenny and Donna were a pleasure to work with, professional, caring and extremely responsive.

As you know, this sale has been a long time coming.  Through all this time, Lenny treated the apartment as though it were his own.  I’m sure he has more lucrative listings, but he more than lived up to his promises made when he signed on as the agent:  his many Open Houses, following up with buyers, trying new sales techniques.  Even, I understand, vacuuming the floors when they needed it.  His advice in dealing with offers and potential buyers was always thoughtful and thorough.  My attorney even volunteered how highly she thought of him and we then spent several minutes praising him.

Similarly, Donna has been unfailingly helpful.  Answering all of my queries in a very timely and thorough way.  And always willing to try some new sales strategy, either of her own devising or building on a suggestion I made.  She made several trips to the apartment to make it look better and seemed to really care about it.  Her advice about strategy was always thoughtful, pragmatic and helpful.

I know that this process has been almost as frustrating for them as it has been for me, but they hung in there with good humor, professionalism and integrity.  I would be happy to offer my recommendation in any way it would be helpful to them.

I will close by thanking you for the meeting you held with me several months ago when sale’s prospects looked especially bleak.  It was a comfort to know that you were accessible and willing to explore various options.

Sincerely,  Sylvia

Donna Galinsky

Lenny Bobrow

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