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Great Green Rug Pads

There are some area rug pads cutting steps that you can follow after this line. So when you plan putting an area rug down on your flat floor, like hardwood floor, it is necessary to use a rug pad as well. The surface of your floor will be protected from any scratch caused by your area rug. That is also one of functions of having rug pad put beneath your area rug. You will prevent also the slide. Since some of rug pads come larger than the rugs themselves, you can learn how to cut it through these simple steps.
You only need to gather measuring tape and your heavy-duty scissors. First, the rug that you are going to place beneath the area rug should be measured especially if you don’t know the size of it. The length and across the width of the rug should be taken down into a measurement. But don’t include any decorative ends like tassels especially in the length measurement. You only have to measure in the main part of the rug.
Then 2 inches from both length and width of your rug needs to be subtracted. By laying the rug pad out on the floor, you can determine and cut straight across the pad. This is to cut it in a piece shorter than the length of the carpet.
The width measurement should be measured for the area rug pad, which is across one end of the cut pad. To find the width that you will need, you need to cut the pad in the perpendicular direction. After that, you only need to center the rug pad over the area rug on the floor. That is all of the area rug pads cutting steps that you have been so curiously to know!

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