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Lighting Decoration, Butterfly Light Complete Design Lampshade 1: Choices of Unique and Artistic Lamp Shades for Impressive Living Room.

Butterfly Light Complete Design Lampshade 1

We can make our home interior looks better only by selecting and setting the Unique and Artistic Lamp Shades on our table lamps or floor lamps. Indeed lampshades are easy to find since they’re available in many interior decorative stores however if we want to have our own unique and artistic lamp shades we can make our own DIY lampshades.
The best benefit of making the DIY lampshades is because we can safe a lot of money because we don’t need to buy them from the stores. Besides, we can also create any unique and artistic lampshades at any designs we possibly want. We can simply make a lampshade from a bamboo china cap which definitely is cheap and easy to make. We can also create a lampshade simply by attaching as many buttons as possibly. We can attach all kinds of buttons at various size ranges, colors and models at the lampshade and this will create a strong retro look.
We can also safe money if we can create a unique lampshade out of used or recycled slide films and then attached them on the lampshade fabric. These types of Unique and Artistic Lamp Shades will create some silhouettes depicting the figures on our recycled or used slide films.

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