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General, Cut Glass Step 17 Version 3 Amazing: Common Useful Glass Cutting Tools

Cut Glass Step 17 Version 3 Amazing

Glass cutting tools are tools which are used to cut the glass properly. With those tools, we can cut the glass easily without a professional person’s help. The glass cutting tools which are usually use are glass cutter, running pliers, breaking pliers, and grozing pliers.
The glass cutter is one of the glass cutting tools which are commonly used. This glass cutter is used to scour the glass surface. This scouring process is aimed at making the glass surface weaker. So, it will be easier for us to cut the glass. The glass cutter has a steel disc which is used for scouring the surface of the glass along the line. Some glass cutters also have oils. The oil which is stored in the glass cutter handle is applied to lubricate the entire glass surface when the scouring process is done. Then, running pliers are tools which we need after using the glass cutter. This tool is also used to cut the glass in a straight shape. After the scouring process is done, we can use this tool to grip both of the glass sides. We can locate these pliers on the scour line we made and gently press them to cut the glass. Its jaws are usually flat and covered with plastic or rubbed to keep the glass from chips or damages when the jaws are pushed to cut the glass.
Besides, the grozing pliers are also the common glass cutting tools. These pliers are usually used when we need to cut the glass in irregular shapes and sizes. In this process, we do not need a scouring process before. Meanwhile, the breaking pliers are used to chip the glass to make the glass shape tidier. This process is usually done after we cut the irregular glass using grozing pliers. The breaking pliers have narrow jaws and a lower jaw which is curved.

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