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General, Wood Screen Doors 2: DIY Tips to Build Wood Screen Doors.

Wood Screen Doors 2

So, it’s actually not that hard to build your own wood screen doors, especially if you have been very familiar with all DIY tasks and projects. If you can still make one on your own, then why should you be wasting so much money to buy expensive ones? So, good luck with the DIY project, and always stick to these tips to yield better results!

What should we do as the first step in building wood screen doors? Prepare all required tools which include miter saw, table saw, hammer, chisel, screw gun, drill and assortments of bits with various sizes, brad nailer and nails, 6 feet of screen material, staple gun, wood glue, hinges, and screen door latch. Next, follow these steps in doing the main work of building the screen door. Start with building the frame for the wood screen door by cutting fir down to create vertical stiles and top horizontal rail. Attach stiles and rails by fitting the table saw. Then, cut a rabbet on the inside of stiles and rails to make small space to attach the screen. Apply glue to fasten the frame. Using staples, install screen material, and make sure the material is stretched tightly when being installed. Using miter saw, cut the trim into sizes where the rabbet cut can fit inside. Finally, attach the hinges and hardware.

Are you considering on building your own screen door and you want to install it yourself? Well, you can improve your DIY skills by following our simple tips on building wood screen doors. If you can do it yourself, why don’t you start it then? Besides, you can save your funding for other purposes than buying finished products and asking for help from furniture makers. We assure you that these tips are not too difficult to do. So, check these useful tips to find out more.

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