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Decor Bathroom, Eye Catching Decor On Floating Sink Ideas: Do-It-Yourself Project On Floating Sink

Eye Catching Decor On Floating Sink Ideas

After that, we should allow the floating sink to dry completely, approximately 2 to 3 weeks. We can dry it slowly, in a dark place, to prevent the clay from cracking. We will know the clay is bone dry when it is room temperature and the surface has a powdery feel. When it is completely dry, we can fire the clay. We can glaze the pot as desired and fire it again. We should stay away from matte-finish glazes to make our sink easy to be cleaned.

Making floating sink can be continued by spinning the pot gently and soften the edge of the bowl with a wet sponge. Then, we can remove the bowl from the potter’s wheel; slice it off the bat by scraping a wire loop tool along the bottom of the bowl, picking it up with our open hands on either side of the bowl and transferring the bowl somewhere that it can dry. After that, we can turn the bowl upside down and center it on a potter’s wheel. We can use the measuring tape to be sure the circle is 1.25 inches in diameter. Then, we can stop the potter’s wheel and hold the measuring tape to the circle we drew in the bottom of the pot.

Floating sink takes the form of a bowl resting on top of a counter, often in a wash room or a bathroom instead of a kitchen. As long as we know how to make a pot on the potter’s wheel, we should be able to make our own sink. First, we can measure the counter where we plan to install the sink. We have to be sure the bowl we make will fit in the spot we select. Then, we can throw a clay pot on our wheel. A common example of a floating sink is approximately 14 inches wide at the top and 8 or 9 inches deep.

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