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Decor Kitchen, Modern Sleek Kitchen Counter Tops Using Quartz: Durable, Qualified And Luxurious Quartz Countertops.

Modern Sleek Kitchen Counter Tops Using Quartz

The most advantage of quartz countertops is that they are extremely strong and durable. The added resin makes them often more durable than natural stone. Since they are hard and strong, they are to be scratched and chipped. Quartz countertops are also resistant to scratch and scorch. In addition, the quartz countertops are also hygienic. Since the surface is non-porous, they may be less susceptible to hosting bacteria than other types of countertops. Most countertops with quartz do not take in much moisture and bacteria, and do not require sealing to be food safe. When we need durable, hard as well as hygienic to prepare food, quartz countertop is the best choice. We can also choose many colors of them, so that we can suit the countertops with our décor, theme or other existing furniture well.

Basically, quartz countertops are made of natural quartz which is combined with polymer resins. These components create a strong, durable and hygienic countertop. It also has become extremely popular since it is easy to be cared of and maintained. Actually, the material is not 100 percent stone. It is typically referred to as engineered quartz. Quartz countertops are also available in various colors and patterns. We can suit them to our home easily. Besides, they are also easy to be cleaned. We just need warm and soapy water. The non-porous nature of the stone also makes the counters resistant to stains from food, juices, wine, coffee, tea and even nail polish. We do not need to worry if we spill something on it.

Quartz countertops are countertops which are made of quartz. Quartz is a man-made non-porous material. It consists of 7 percent resin and 93 percent quartz. When we opt for white quartz countertops, they are not only providing beauty and elegance to our home, but also durable and long-lasting. Quartz countertops also add our home’s luxury.

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