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Modern Decoration, Vintage Wedding Post Mailbox 680x1024: Eco-Friendly Vintage Mailbox Design.

Vintage Wedding Post Mailbox 680x1024

Vintage mailbox design is easy to decorate. Firstly, what you need to do is to remove old paint from the mailbox’s metal surface with an emery cloth and steel wool, you can also use a heavy grit of coarse sandpaper to remove the stubborn paint. Secondly, before you repaint your mailbox, be sure to wash your mailbox with detergent and water to clean up any residue from the surface, and then let it dry. Last, steps are applying a coat of metal primer and then paint it with your favorite color and design.

Mailbox has been part of history since the 1850s. Although at past the use of mailbox has the same function today, nowadays mailbox can also be an extension beauty of the homeowner’s individual style. There are tons of mailbox design and decorating ideas floating, this year design of vintage design become center of trends that makes Vintage mailbox become favorite design to choose. Vintage design it is good for the environment as it can include anything that can reuses, which means you can express your home’s style by redesign an old mailbox into a decorative residential mailbox, make it more eco-decorating than eco-friendly materials to build new pieces.

For century a mailbox have become an important for personal and business relation between you and other people, not only to receive any mail or gift from friends, family and closest relation, mailbox is also happen to use as shipping and receiving product for your business relation. Even nowadays e-mail has replaced of the use of mailbox, but as until now it still used for shipping and receiving product especially for a company. Here is why the appearance and design of mailbox is important not only to beautify your home. Vintage mailbox is one of many elegant designs to beautify your home with.

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