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There are so many unique and amazing cool shower designs nowadays, and it’s not impossible anymore to have cool showers. We have, as a matter of fact, found some that might catch your attention.
•You may want to check out the so called color phasing shower light from iWoot. This shower can give you a colorful experience in taking a shower. How so? Well, the shower head is equipped with a temperature controlled light. So, the color of the light depends on the temperature of the water. If you are taking a hot shower, the color will be red, while if you are taking a cold shower, the color will be green.
•Or, maybe you want to enjoy the outdoor showering? Well, if so, then you can get Viteo Garden Shower which is definitely a new, revolutionary way of taking shower outdoor. This Viteo Garden Shower is an inverted shower since the water springs up from below, pretty much like fountains. This shower is perfect to be placed near swimming pool where you can take showers after swimming.
These are just some of many unique and amazing designs of cool showers. Imagine that you can enjoy taking your shower with a more different experience. You’re not just taking showers conventionally with these amazing yet unique cool shower designs. So, what are you waiting for? Get these showers now, and enjoy cool showers in a much more different way.

Some people prefer to take a shower than take a bath, and to this end, many shower designs are invented so as to make them have what they call as cool showers in their bathroom. Apparently, there are many unique and amazing cool shower designs that perhaps can catch your attention and make you interested in having one! Check out some cool shower designs that we have found for you!

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