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General, Dolphin Mailbox Design: Eye Catching & Unique Mailboxes Ideas.

Dolphin Mailbox Design

If you want something more creative than something found online, you most likely will need to create your own ideas on making unique mailbox. Painting the post is one option to set yours apart, but go beyond simply painting it a different color. Add flamingo legs and top the post with a pink mailbox and a flamingo head to create a bird mailbox. Paint lips and teeth on the ledge where the mailbox sits, so it looks like your post is eating your mailbox. If you can carve, sculpt or weld, let you artistic streak go wild. Sculpt a large hand and have the mailbox rest on top of it. Carve a football player carrying the mailbox like a ball.

When it’s time to get a new unique mailbox post, either because your old one is worn out or a group of teenagers decided to play “mailbox baseball” with yours, it’s easy to drive to your nearest home center and pick out a premade wooden, metal or plastic post. They may even have some decorative posts available, but for an unusual post, you will need to put more effort into your choice. Some businesses offer novelty mailboxes and posts, which you can order online. If you are a golfer, several companies offer a golf tee post complete with a golf ball mailbox.

Not many people think much about the boring, old mailbox post, since it seems its only purpose is to hold up the mailbox. If you look around, however, you will find some people have thought quite a bit about the post and have come up with some truly unusual ideas. With a little imagination and some ingenuity, you too can create a unique mailboxes post that will get your neighbors talking and may just give your mail carrier a reason to smile when he delivers your mail.

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