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General, Gorgeous Design Triangle Flag With Pin: FLAG FRAMES IN TRIANGLE INSTRUCTION STEPS

Gorgeous Design Triangle Flag With Pin

you can build a case to preserve your American flag folded into triangular shape. It can be done in a number of ways. But don’t worry, you can find the flag frames in triangle instruction steps easily from this article.
Start from preparing the tools and materials needed like 4 pieces of 1-by-4-by-25-inch lumber, felt (25-by-26½-inches), 1 piece of 25-by-26½-by-¼-inch plywood, 1 can of spray adhesive, drill, 1 piece of 1/8-inch glass 25-inches square, 1/16th drill bit, hammer, nail set, glue, wood putty, 6d finish nails, ¾-inch brads, etc.
First, the plywood and the back of the felt should be sprayed using the spray adhesive. The felt can be laid onto the plywood then.
Second, the fence of the table saw can be set at ½-inch. The blade then should be raised in order to make a ¼-inch deep groove in the lumber. You should also make one pass with all four of the 25-inch pieces of lumber.
Third, the pilot holes on the ends of two of the 25-inch pieces of lumber can be pre-drilled. One edge of the previous lumber then should be glued.
Fourth, those two pieces should be secured together using 6d finish nail. Then the back edge of the U-shaped piece can be glued. You need to secure it. Then you can place the flag along with any other items that you want to display. The glass can be slide into the grooves. The remaining 25-inch piece of lumber on the case can be placed right away so that the glass slides into the groove. It needs to be secured using the 6d finish nails. The nail holes should be filled with wood putty.

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