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exterior design, Gaines Bronze Wall Mailbox: Having Your Own Wall Mailbox.

Gaines Bronze Wall Mailbox

In addition, we should know the materials itself from the wall mailbox for fitting our house. The kinds of finish family are beige, black, blue, brass, gold, and bronze. Then, the materials are aluminum, cast stone, galvanized steel, plastic, and steel. We can choose the most favorite kinds of mailboxes because we exactly know the quality standard of them. The important thing is it should be permanent because we need it long lasting at our house. That is why we need to consider more about the quality of the boxes.

Some houses and apartments have a slot in the door or even a wall mailbox for receiving mails. It should be like the following standards. It helps us to know the standard because it makes the postmen work easily if we know how to put it on. Firstly, the horizontal slots should have a flap to the top. Then, the vertical slots should be laid on the opposite side from the door. And next, the hooded portion cannot be below to the bottom of the outside on a horizontal slot, if we have an inside hood. It is for more privacy. Moreover, the hood should not extend up the side of the outside plate on same side as the door’s hinges on a vertical slot. After that, the hood does not project more than 3 inches above the inside of the door. Finally, the bottom side of the slot ought to be at least 30 inches above the floor.

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