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General, Cool Mailbox Design: Homemade Unique And Cool Mailboxes.

Cool Mailbox Design

Besides, house box is also one of the cool mailboxes we can apply. We can design our mailbox to resemble our home. This custom mailbox requires a solid understanding of building methods and design. We should try to make the materials in the mailbox the same as the materials used in our actual home. The colors also should be as close of a match as possible.
Other cool mailboxes we can apply are a brick box. This box will look classy when it is designed well. We can use small craft bricks, instead of normal building bricks, to make a base for the mailbox as well as the post holding it up. Then, we can build the bricks around a generic mailbox, which will help give our mailbox a form as well as an actual mailbox.

Instead of buying standard mailbox, we can make cool mailboxes by our self if our local government permits us. There are some kinds of cool mailboxes we can choose. One of them is animal mailbox. The model of this mailbox is around our favorite animal. It will require careful planning and designing. For instance, an elephant mailbox could use the length of the mailbox for the body. We can paint the box gray and make wooden legs, trunks, tusks and ears. We can attach these parts to the mailbox with glue or screws. The tusks could serve as the handle to open the mailbox.

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