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Rug, Instaling Rug Pad Ideas: HOW TO INSTALL RUG PADDING

Instaling Rug Pad Ideas

You can learn how to install rug padding from this article by selecting first the right one to suit your need!
You are going to need some tools and materials like tape measure, shears and rug pad, to do this project. After that, the rug can be measured. The rug pad then should be cut so that it will be at least 1 inch shorter that the other rugs on all sides.
Second, the rug and the rug pad can be rolled up. Right after that, you can move the furniture back or even out of the way easily. Be careful when doing this as you may hurt the floor.
Third, the pad then can be unrolled carefully. It should be positioned in the center of the space. After that, the edge of the rug should be placed 1 inch beyond the edge of the rug pad. Don’t forget to also unroll the rug over the pad. And if you think the pad is smaller than the rug in 1 inch or more, the placement should be changed. Last thing you should do in learning how to install rug padding is by moving the furniture back into place slowly.

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