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Table, Root Table On Steel Design: How To Make A Table With Steel Table Legs.

Root Table On Steel Design

The second steps on making a table with steel table legs is Decide on the overall size of your tabletop. Because the table height is already established, this means calculating the width and length of the tabletop. Choose the type of wood that you wish to use. For someone just starting out with the practice of making a piece of furniture, a softwood might be a good choice. Select four pieces of high-quality clear lumber that are true and straight, and cut the four pieces for the sides of the table. Cut two pieces at precisely 1 foot 10 inches. These will be the end pieces.

Thing’s you will need on making a table with steel table legs are Four metal legs 1-inch round head screws (8 or 10 gauge) Electric drill Table saw Hand plane Router with bits Circular saw or power miter box Clear finish 1-by-4 lumber (high quality) 2-inch and 1 1/4-inch flat-head wood screws (8 or 10 gauge) Orbital sander Sandpaper Electric screwdriver Safety glasses Miter saw Carpenter’s glue. First you should select four identical metal table legs from a catalog or specialty store. Be sure the legs have a metal flange with several holes so that the legs can be attached to the tabletop.

To create a table with steel table legs it is first necessary to purchase (or find) four steel legs and then build a tabletop to which you can attach the legs. The final product will be a piece of furniture that is part wood and part steel, which can then be added to your home or work space. These kinds of tables are very functional and easy to move around. The table legs are not as bulky as those made from wood, which might add to the practical appeal of this type of table.

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