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exterior design, Container Garden Hanging Flower Baskets 1024x768: Implementing Hanging Flower Baskets Appropriately.

Container Garden Hanging Flower Baskets 1024x768

The most important thing in hanging flower baskets is selecting strong plants that are appropriate for growing in a basket. The best plants to be used in a new hanging basket are well-established plants that are either flowering or are close to flowering. Some plants that are ideal for hanging baskets include Lobelia, Gypsophila or baby’s breath, Nasturtiums, Geraniums or long-flowering, Hoya, Verbena, Begonias, Pansies and Polyanthus. If the basket is filled with soil and plants, we have to make sure to have a sturdy surface to stand on for hanging. Besides, we have to place them in good positions and keep watering them. We can squeeze the water up from the container through the nozzle and into the plant to save us having to reach to high places.

Then, we should also line the hanging flower baskets. It will help to keep the soil in place and reduces the need for watering. It also neatens the appearance of the basket. The best lining for a hanging basket is sphagnum moss. For the most successful water retention and reduced need to water in large baskets, we can combine sphagnum moss and polythene linings. Next, we should choose the good soil. A good quality potting mix or compost should be used for hanging baskets. We can add a slow-release fertilizer and mix well before filling the basket.

Hanging flower baskets is popular thing to be used by us who have small garden area. It is also can be used to beautify other room in our house without decreasing limited space we have. First of all, we have to select the right basket to be used, since there are a variety of baskets available on the market. We should consider what will fit with our decor and what theme works well with our garden and plant choices. We can choose them among the stout galvanized wire, solid plastic, ceramic pot in a macramé or other knotted hanger, ceramic pot attached with wire and plastic mesh or basketry.

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