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exterior design, Vintage Cast Iron Mailbox Design Ideas: Strong And Durable Cast Iron Mailbox.

Vintage Cast Iron Mailbox Design Ideas

Besides, the cast iron mailbox is more permanent. The everyday use can weaken the base. The mailbox will also be opened and closed a minimum of twice on most weekdays. Every time the box is accessed, it will put stress on the post. If an iron post is set properly into the ground with concrete, we need never worry about it becoming shaky. However, the cast iron mail also has a real disadvantage. That is rust. The cast iron can rust, while the wooden and aluminum does not. Then, we can overcome this problem by protecting the exposed iron with paint, chrome plating or a sacrificial zinc anode to coat the iron. The anode corrodes faster than iron. It is not only protecting the mailbox, but also giving clear indication. When the zinc visibly starts to rust, the mailbox is ready for another coat. Most anodes will last for at least a year, and there is no need to add a new coat until we notice corrosion.

Cast iron mailbox is durable. It is able to withstand almost any ruin. It will resist more pressure and weight. Even, if we set this cast iron mailbox post with concrete, a tornado or a car hit will not be able to remove it. Then, this mailbox is also able to keep heavier and bigger packages and mails. When we compare it with the aluminum mailbox, aluminum will just keep less weight. If we have a lot of packages, we need to install a larger capacity mailbox.

Cast iron mailbox is one of mailbox materials options we can choose besides wood and aluminum. Wooden and aluminum mailboxes are much more lightweight than cast iron. Wooden and aluminum mailbox is easily damage from the weather and other abuse. The wooden mailbox is also not resistant to moth and mildew.

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