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Container Gardening Container Vegetable Garden

Another type of pot still made of cement, but colored black or white. Not just good for the plants with soil, it is also great for aquatic plants. In fact there is also the use as a sweetener fountain as a park. So, stay adapted to our wishes. If using plastic pots do not select materials for easier recycling broken. Adjust the Container Garden with plants. Plants for hot areas use heat-resistant pot. Wearing a ceramic pot in the room does not forget to give the saucer underneath. Not hard to clean the pots, ceramic staying wiped with a damp cloth. Pot of cement or abut clean with a soft brush. Do not rub too strong. Pot of cement usually brushed with a brush to clean the plastic.

In terms of functional Container Garden is used as a cover or to save the plant. For certain plant pot should have enough holes in the bottom, does not rust, and certainly not broken. In the market various pots strewn with basic ingredients are very diverse. Start pottery, ceramics, porcelain, plastic, iron, cement, or wood. Especially for timber pots, mostly just used to cover the pot. In general, the type of pot is distinguished from pot holes and no holes. Consider the composition and size of the room when putting the pot in the room. The type and size of the pot will be very influential in the room.

If your home yard is not extensive, you can use reliable pots for Container Garden. Customize the type of pots with plants that will be planted. In addition, the shape and material selection must also be taken into account. Pot is often interpreted as a pot or vase. In everyday life, pot serves as a container for the plant. In terms of aesthetics, the pot must have a value of beauty, good proportions, and quality materials.

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