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Tolix Stool Simple 936x601

First of all, let’s talk about the characteristics of Tolix stool. Tolix stools are made from galvanized sheet metal. The galvanization process, as we all know, is applied on metals to prevent these metals from getting rustic easily. Sheet metal is also light in terms of weight. Based on these two characteristics, we can say that Tolix stools are indeed different than any other chairs, especially those made from wood or plastic. These Tolix stools, therefore, have two main benefits: they don’t get too rustic too quickly, and they are not too heavy. The designs are also unique and thus Tolix chairs and stools are perfect for house interiors with contemporary or modern styles. So, what’s the story behind these unique stools and chairs? Xavier Pauchard was the expert of galvanization in France back in his era. He soon invented galvanized stools made from sheet metals and then registered these furniture sets under the name of Tolix. As of today, Tolix stools have continued to be produced and distributed to many countries outside France. This also pays homage to Chantal Andriot who helped this brand to remain alive until now.

Have you ever heard of Tolix stool and chairs before? Tolix stools were first invented by Xavier Pauchard. Tolix stools and chairs are different than any other chairs in common and have their own benefits and characteristics. So, if you are now wondering about what makes Tolix stools and chairs different and unique, we’re going to explain to you more about Tolix stools.

Tolix Stool: Unique, Anti-Rustic, and Light.

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