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Self sustaining homes are actually homes that can save energy. In short words, self sustaining homes don’t use up energy too much, and so you can save more money. But where does it explain that self sustaining homes prevent global warming effects? Since not much energy is used, then not much carbon emission is made. So, no more air pollution. One of these self sustaining homes is The IKAROS House, which was developed in Germany. This home has a ot of features that go green; among others are solar panels and natural ventilation. With solar panels, obviously the home will store energy from sunlight during day time and then use this energy during night time. Natural ventilation allows you to breathe fresh air everyday, and there is no need to install air conditioning system since the natural ventilation system has already given you air exchange. If you’re interested, you can look up on the Internet to find how to build a self sustaining home like The IKAROS House.

In this modern era where global warming is one of biggest issues this world is facing, people start inventing many ways to reduce the adverse effects of global warming and to prevent it from worsening. One of people’s inventions is self sustaining homes. So, what makes a self sustaining home different than any other homes in general? How can self sustaining homes be very useful in preventing worsened effects of global warming from happening?

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